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Frequently Asked Questions | Dried Flower Confetti

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At The Tiny House Farm, we've been making dried flower confetti here in the United States for many years. We have compiled some of our FAQs asked by our wedding couples. Here are some of the top questions and answers.

Q: How much dried flower confetti do I need for each guest?

A: Allow 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup for each guest. This will fill most cones with a good amount of flowers for throwing at your exit.

Q: How long does dried flower confetti last?

A: Technically forever! Dried flower confetti is made of everlasting botanicals and, because they are dried, will last indefinitely. However, colors and scent will fade over time and petals can break down into dust. For best results, please use your confetti within a month to ensure best quality. 

Q: How do I store my Dried Petal Confetti?

A: Store your dried flower petal confetti in a tight light-proof container. Place in a cool, dark cupboard or closet. Do not allow it to get moist. Do not store in the refrigerator.

Q: What Color confetti looks best in photos?

A: The colors are less important than the photographers skill at taking shots. All colors will show up when your photographer knows when to take the best shots. Here are some ideas for great wedding exit photos. In general, brighter colors and closeup shots are the best.

Q: What flowers make the best confetti? 

A: Fairy wings, small dried roses, lavender (for a rice affect), dried leaves, dried flower heads, dried wildflowers...the best mix will have both small and larger botanicals.

Q: How do you throw confetti?

A: For best results, toss the confetti at an angle and high in the air. This will allow the confetti to rain down and flutter lighter flowers.

Q: Who buys confetti for weddings?

A: Usually the couple or parents will buy the flower confetti. If you purchase it from a vendor such as The Tiny House Farm, it can also be purchased as a gift to the couple.

Q: How many confetti cones do I need?

A: This depends on the guests you have attending your wedding. For instance, if there are a lot of children, the younger ones may not need agone an individual cone. If you are performing your exit after the reception, you may find that some guests have already left, so you won't need cones for everyone. Some couples choose to offer cones to just the guests sitting on the outside of isles. To be safe, you would just order the number of wedding cones for the number of guests you have.

Q: Do wedding venues allow confetti?

A: Many venues will no longer allow paper or metal confetti due to clean up issues. Natural dried flower confetti is an exception. Biodegradable botanicals are earth-friendly and will go back into the soil when swept away. Dried flower confetti is accepted by most venues everywhere.

Q: When should I order my dried flower confetti?

A: it is always best to order in advance. Flowers are seasonal and made or purchased near your wedding. If you preorder your dried flower confetti, you will lock in your purchase and your price. Flower costs can fluctuate greatly depending on the kind and season.

Q: What is biodegradable confetti made out of?

A: That depends on the confetti. Some manufactured biodegradable confettis are made of plant material and glue binders, some are made of rice paper and other starches. Biodegradable confetti from The Tiny House Farm is made of dried flowers and botanicals.





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