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Get Ready For Flu Season | powerful herbs for flu

Each year it seems that the cold and flu season gets longer and stronger. After the devastating effects of the flu season of 2017 - 2018 - and the failure of medicines to fight it - many families started looking for ways to combat illness naturally.

There are many herbs that have been studied for their flu and cold fighting properties. And of course, rather than being reactive, adding these herbs for colds and flu to our day-to-day diets is a proactive approach to healthcare. The following list of herbs have been part of various studies for their antiviral, antibacterial, and/or inflammation fighting natural properties.

In fact, early studies show these seemingly innocuous viruses may possibly be a link to Alzheimers. A recent article on NPR stated that Dr. Leslie Norins wants to offer  $1 million to any person who is able to link Alzheimer's to viruses such as herpes (roseola in children) and other viruses that we have been exposed to in our lifetime. There is compelling evidence that germs may cause dementia, the most common form of Alzheimers.

If you want to protect your family from germs that lead to flu this year, the time to start is now, before the flu season hits. With good health habits and the added benefits of herbs that fight colds and flu, you are well on your way to having a healthier winter. The top ten herbs for flu:



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