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Using a Biodegradable Flower Confetti for Your Wedding Exit? Here are 5 tips for great photos.

Posted by Laura Wrede on

The wedding exit is perhaps one of the most exciting moments of your special day. It's the big finale! When you dream of that moment what do you picture?

Do you see yourself running hand in hand through a line of sparklers flashing in the night or colorful smoke bombs exploding like a music video production?

Or perhaps you envision the release of hundreds of colorful balloons.

Do you see streamers and vibrant bits of tiny paper confetti showering you?

Another option is ribbon wands waving like little flags in the breeze.

Some couples have opted for a pom pom toss or blowing soapy bubbles.

There are many ways to make your wedding exit celebratory.

Some ways are less environmentally friendly. Some are impractical. Some require costly clean up. Some are even dangerous. And unfortunately, some of these options aren't even allowed by city codes or venue rules.

That's why we came up with The Tiny House Farm eco-friendly flower toss. Our dried flower confetti is kind to the environment and will give your guests that fun moment of showering you with the special meaning of a flower blessing.

Of course, one important question often asked is how will dried flowers like lavender show up in our photos?

Your photos will be a lasting reminder of how wonderful the day was (and you only get one chance). Knowing a few simple tips will help to make those special shots perfect. 

(Below we also share what our flower confetti actually looks like in real wedding photos.)

Wedding Exit Flower Confetti Tip 1

Assign someone to work with your photographer as an assistant so that you can set up certain shots as they happen. Don't rely on your photographer to know the best shots unless they are very experienced at shooting weddings.

Wedding Exit Flower Confetti Tip 2

Have your photographer's assistant work in sync with your photographer to make sure you release confetti at key moments and when the photographer is set up to take the shot.

Wedding Exit Flower Confetti Tip 3

Take more close-up photos than ones from a distance (see distant photo 1). The flower confetti shows up best when the confetti is showering you from between 4-15 feet.

Wedding Exit Flower Confetti Tip 4

Have a few set up shots with the photographer directly in front of you as you walk through the confetti throwing. This makes your photo dimensional and adds action to the shot.

Wedding Exit Flower Confetti Tip 5

Make sure your light source (sun or strobes) shines in a direction so that it will catch the colors in your confetti (if possible). 


Here is a distant photo. The confetti shows up, but the shot would have been better if it was taken at an angle and up close. This way you still can include the wedding party.

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No matter which flower confetti you choose, your photos will be a lasting reminder of that one very special moment. Following these tips will add to the beauty of the memories you will cherish forever.


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