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The Secret Meaning of Flowers - wedding confetti holds a unique idea for your wedding exit

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In years past rice was a traditional way to send a bride and groom on their way as they exited the church. It was meant to be an expression of good wishes for a bountiful harvest, a house full of children, and prosperity. Today we have discovered that rice can hurt wild birds so venues don't allow it any more. So couples have opted for other wedding exit celebrations such as sparklers, pom poms, and ribbon wands. 

Soft freeze dried rose petals are also a popular alternative as well as other botanicals such as olive leaves, bay leaves, and colorful fall leaves as a fun option. Other flowers are great too! Dried blooms such as larkspur, lavender, marigolds, hydrangea, and dried roses rather than freeze dried are now becoming the new "rice" of modern weddings.
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Wedding Confetti


What began as an eco friendly wedding confetti also holds a wonderful little secret that many couples may not even know about. Those little bits of blooms and dried leaves come from long held traditions of secret messages hidden behind the meaning of each  flower. These secret messages can offer a lovely little  blessing for the couple sprinkled on them as they pass by.

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Since medieval times, people used flowers and herbs to send messages in a bundled posy or tussie mussie (or tussy mussy as some call it). These little bouquets were gathered as small stems with few sprigs of whatever plants and flowers you wanted to add to convey your message. Some were meant to be a way to ward off sickness or evil, while others were a way to send a private message - especially as the lore of herbs and flowers grew in  popularity during the Victorian era.

The Wedding Exit Toss

Much like the mussy tussy, now couples can choose to incorporate a unique blend of flowers, herbs and leaves into their wedding that hold a special secret blessing to shower the couple as they leave their wedding and enter their new life as a married couple.


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Every flower, leaf and herb chosen in wedding toss not only enhances the wedding colors, it can also bring a special meaning too. Add some calendula to wish the couple good health. Sprinkle in some lavender and offer your hopes of a lifetime of devotion. And a generous amount of red roses to bring with it the blessing of eternal love and desire.

There are many flowers, herbs, leaves and plants, each with its own legend, lore and history. And of course every culture may have their own traditions. Here are a few we have found in our research from the language of flowers. 

When creating your wedding exit toss, add in a few of your favorite secret ingredients and add a special blessing on your wedding day!


The Meaning of Flowers

  • Angelica: inspiration
  • Basil: love
  • Bay laurel: success
  • Bougainvillea: welcoming, beauty
  • Calendula: health
  • Chamomile: comfort
  • Cornflower: wealth and good fortune
  • Echinacea: capability
  • Fennel: worthy of praise
  • Gerberas: happiness
  • Gillyflower (Stock): bliss and everlasting love
  • Gypsophilia (baby's breath) - everlasting love
  • Hops: mirth
  • Hyssop: cleansing
  • Lady’s mantle: comfort
  • Lavender: devotion
  • Lemon balm: sympathy
  • Lilac: joy of youth
  • Lovage: strength
  • Mint: virtue
  • Oregano: joy
  • Parsley: gratitude
  • Rose, Pink: grace, elegance
  • Rosemary: remembrance
  • Rose, Red: love, desire
  • Safflower: attractiveness
  • Sage: wisdom
  • Sweet Pea: gratitude
  • Thyme: courage
  • Vervain: good fortune
  • Violet: loyalty
  • Yarrow: healing


    Flowers and Greenery in Weddings Today

    Today we use flowers and greenery everywhere in our marriage ceremonies.  Tussle mussies in the form of boutonnieres and bouquets are adorned by brides and grooms. We place flowers on tables, embellish arches, line isles, toss petals in front of the bride, and place blooms and plants around the reception. And in place of rice modern couples are using botanicals at weddings for their wedding exit toss. Make yours extra special by adding in the special secret and unique message of a blessing to carry with you til death do you part.

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