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Pink Mason Jars with Fairy Lights

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 Pink Mason Jar Fairy Light kit with 12 LED string lights on approx. 55" of copper wire warm lights.

Imagine lining your patio, walkway, or using as a centerpiece for your next party. A wonderful addition to any celebration including weddings. The translucent pink glass casts a soft warm glow that adds a spark of magic to your evening gathering.

- 1-quart size pink mason jar
- 1 standard canning jar rim and lid insert
- 1 set of battery operated warm fairy lights (moon lights) with 12 LED lights on a copper wire (silver coated) approx 55".
- 2 CR2032 lithium batteries

6.5" H X 3.5" W

According to the mfg. the light has about a 24 hour life. The batteries are replaceable.

Wedding lights
Party Favors
Glass Vase
Base for soap or lotion pump jar (w/o lights inside)
Home Decor and storage

*************UNPACKING YOUR FAIRY LIGHT:******************
When you receive your light kit, open the fairy lights battery pack and remove the protective film on the batteries (it won't turn on otherwise and you will think it's broken :) ) Tape the battery pack to the underside of the lid if you want it hidden. Additional batteries can be purchased from most home and drug stores and of course online.