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40 Tiny Taste of Tea Tea Samplers | 40 Flavors Artisan Teas from the Tiny House Farm | FREE SHIPPING |

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Tea Sampler Singles - Tiny Taste of Tea® from the Tiny House Farm - Artisan premium loose leaf teas

With our new Tiny Taste of Tea you can try a delightful sample of all our bulk teas for just $3.95 each. This is a great way to discover new favorites or have a variety of all your old favorites in your pantry. Either way, tea samplers are nice to have on hand. Also great to share with friends!

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Each Tiny Taste has enough loose leaf premium tea for 8-10 cups (6 oz. teacups)


To discover more about each flavor just follow the links below:

1. Porch Tea - Black  (black tea)

2. Earl Grey tea (black tea)

3. Earl Grey Decaf tea (black tea)

4. Miss Lady Grey tea (black tea)

5. Chamomile Flower tea (herbal)

6. Chamomile Mint tea (like Sleepytime) (herbal)

7. Jasmine tea (green)

8. China Black OP tea (black tea)

9. Hibiscus Passion tea (herbal) 

10. Spiced Chai Latte (herbal)

11. Orange Crush Tea

12. Peppermint tea (herbal)

13. English Breakfast tea (black tea)

14. Cranberry Orange tea (herbal)

15. Spearmint Leaf tea (herbal)

16. Vanilla Creme Rooibos tea (herbal)

17. Japanese Green Sencha tea (green tea)

18. Lemon Citrus Mint tea (herbal)

19. Victorian Rose Teahouse Tea (herbal)

20. Mommy To Be Tea (herbal)

21. Cold and Flu tea (herbal)

22. Toasted Marshmallow Tea (herbal)

23. Witches Brew tea (herbal)

24. Tropical Fruit Tea (Cheesecake Factory inspired)

25. Porch Tea - Green (green tea)

26. Lemon Balm Tea (herbal)

27. Peach Oolong (black tea)

28. Raspberry Tea (herbal)

29. Berry Patch Tea (herbal)

30. White Pomegranate Tea (white tea)

31. Strawberry Spring Tea (herbal)

32. Apricot Green Tea (Green Tea)

33. Rose Flower Tea (herbal)

34. Pina Colada Tea (white tea)

35. Tart Cherry Tea (herbal)

36. Lemon Grass Tea (herbal)

37. Cinnamon Apple Tea (herbal)

38. White Pear Tea (white tea)

39. Dandelion Tea (herbal)

40. Organic Red Rooibos Tea - Red Bush Tea (herbal)


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