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Libbey Frosted White & Silver Leaves Tumbler | Vintage Barware Set | Mad Men Mid Century Tumblers

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Vintage Barware Set Mad Men Mid Century Tumbler Set - Frosted White & Silver Leaves by Libbey / Hollywood Regency  - pattern seen on Mad Men season two. Silver Foliage Libbey Hollywood Regency style barware tumblers. These six retro glasses were one of the more popular styles for chic barware in the mid century.

Lovely tumblers that can accommodate your BLGs, Ginger and Currant Fizz, and your Normandy Mules. These fabulous tumblers can handle any of your drinks that require a good amount of mixer. They can even handle a Tom Collins if you don't have the traditional tall thin glasses.

When not in use at the bar, these glasses can grace your dinner table doing double duty as water glasses, or for beverages.

These glasses were often acquired by housewives who saved trading stamps ( the equivalent to credit card points today). Women would receive S&W Green Stamps or Blue Chip stamps with common purchases like groceries and gas as part of one of the first customer loyalty programs. They would then save them up, paste them in trading stamp booklets and take them to the nearest catalog store to cash them in for coveted items such as toasters, luggage, and fancy dishes.

These glasses would have been used on the bar cart for mixed drinks, brought out for guests who came for Sunday dinner, or they would have adorned a well-set holiday table.

1 tumbler

5.75" high X 2.75" wide.

Good. No chips or cracks. Very minor wear on the silver leaf consistent with vintage.

There is a small letter "L" embossed on the bottom.

Materials: glass,silver

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