The Tiny House Farm Natural Handmade Soaps

Our soaps are made in small loaf batches with the most authentic materials available. Many of our soaps are vegan, organic, and scented with natures finest essential oils. These soaps are a wonderful way to treat yourself to their aromatherapy benefits each time you bathe. Our botanical line of soaps will delight your senses, leaving you fresh and clean without any artificial ingredients. 

We also offer a few goat's milk soaps, as well as popular fragrance soaps for our customers who enjoy their special blends that you can't get from essential oils alone. No matter which soaps you indulge in, you can be assured they're made with the highest quality ingredients.

We hope you fall in love with The Tiny House Farm artisan handmade soaps! We've been making handcrafted soap for our own family for over twenty years and are now offering the luxury of cold processed soaps to our customers.