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Mini Mold Jar - Small glass canning jars, Succulent pots, best idea for wedding favors.

We love these little jars and thought we would share them in our Tiny House Farm store. We brought these in because we are stocking up for canning season. This year we plan to make a lot more jam. It's rained a bit more in California (thankfully!) so our fruit trees are much happier this year. Last year we primarily focused on apricots and peaches. This year we will add fig and blood orange marmalade. Canning is a lot of labor, but the rewards are many.

These jars are perfect for making a mini single serving of any kind of treat and can withstand heat. Bake a mini cake, souffle, or creme brulee. Great as a party favor filled with treats. Afterward, your guests can use the jar to plant a mini succulent garden. You can also fill with scented beeswax and make your own mini candles!

Perfect for canning, making candles, or filling with something delightful and making custom wedding favors for loose teas, spices, bath salts, cosmetics, oils, honey, jam.
Great for craft projects, as a gift with little candies, sand and shells, finishing sugar or finishing salt; your imagination is the limit. Color coordinate the contents with your wedding or party.

These jars are not very common and the quality is premium. Made in Germany.

4 Jars
4 glass lids
4 rings
8 clamps


Height: 1 3/4" Opening: 2 3/8" Volume: 2.7 fl oz.

(succulent not included)


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