New Mexico Chili Powder

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New Mexico Chili Powder / Spice Blend- Chili peppers are grown all over New Mexico, and in the southern part of the state it’s known as "The Chili Trail. "

New Mexico is Dubbed as “The Chile Capital of the World,” and the small central town of Hatch is where this prized variety of chili pepper is most prolific. Hatch is also home to the annual Chile Queen Festival. Our chili pepper offers that chili spice smokiness with a nice heated finish.


1/4 lb. in a bag

Customer review of our chili powder:

WOW! I didn't think this would pack a punch, as they say. . But it does! Mild going down, but the heat builds. I didn't notice it up front, but have been drinking milk after using this on a layered Mexi-dip. . Thanks!"

Ingredients: Chili Powder (NM)

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