Herbs de Provence

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Herbs de Provence Gourmet Spice Blend - no salt- Named after a region in south-eastern France, Herbs de Provence is a traditional blend of common garden herbs that are dried and mixed. A traditional blend of rosemary, savory, and basil, with top notes of thyme. With the inclusion of lavender, our Herbs de Provence completes the classic combination. Will make any dish, whether fish, meat, or vegetable stews, have a classic French flavor.

Great for stocking up your pantry or sharing with friends. Can also be divided and placed in decorative jars and given as gifts.


1/4 lb.  bag Herbs de Provence

Kosher certified.
Ingredients: cut and sifted- Basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley, lavender, and savory.

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