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We aren't tea snobs at the Tiny House Farm. We just believe that a pot of hot tea, or glass of iced tea, should be a high-quality indulgence that you're proud to share with your friends and family - simply because you enjoy it.  There's something wonderful about curling up next to a cracklingwarm fire in a soft fuzzy blanket with a loved one, enjoying a delicious cup of tea. In the summer, nothing is more thirst-quenching than an icy glass of sweet tea or a crisp brew of lemon hibiscus enjoyed on the porch with your friends and neighbors.

And tea is more than just a drink, it's a part of a healthy, communal lifestyle.We have over forty varieties of premium affordable loose leaf teas just waiting for you to try. Our affordable bulk teas include black tea, green tea, white tea and herbal tisanes. If all you've ever had are the little packets from the grocery store, you may be surprised at what you've been missing.

 Our premium teas cost only about 25¢ to 34¢ a cup on average.