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Bay Nuts, Some mistakenly call them Bay seeds but what they really are are the fruit of the Umbellularia californica tree, a large hardwood tree that is native to coastal forests of in California and Oregon. 

It is the only species in the genus Umbellularia. This unique bay tree has a stronger scent and flavor than the more common known Bay Laurel. The leaves can be used for cooking, herbal remedies, garlands, wreathes, and more. The trees will grow well in pots in a sun and partial sun location in zones 8 and above. The leaves are subject to mold so the sunnier the location the better.


***5 wild harvested Bay Nuts

How To plant:

  • Plant all 5 nuts together. They are temperamental and you will have a better chance of success. 
  • Peel away the dark husk from each nut if it is still on the nuts you receive.
  • Crack the seed slightly, but don't smash it.
  • In a plastic bag add equal parts sphagnum moss + perlite. Moisten (don't soak) with water and mix throughly.
  • Place the seeds in potting mixture inside the bag in a refrigerator between 30 and 42 degrees for 90 to 120 days. This period of cold stratification increases the chances of germination by providing the same type of environment the seed would endure if left outdoors over winter.
  • At day 85 begin checking for germination. When you see a root pushing through the seed you have successfully germinated your seed.
  • Once it has germinated, mix peat moss and potting soil in equal parts in an approx. 4x4x14" container and plant your seed root facing down about 1" deep. You want your pot to be narrow and deep to allow for rooting success. Place in a sunny location indoors. It will need about 8 hours of sun each day. After a year you can transplant outside if you like.

 ***Because this is a wildcrafted product we can't guarantee the success of germination.