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Our Story


Years ago high above the fog that whispers through the southern Santa Cruz Mountains in California,  a family built a tiny house high on a hill in a steep canyon. It was a place four miles off pavement, and off-grid.

Stone by stone and nail by nail they hiked up with all the materials strapped to their backs to a plateau overlooking the tree tops; this was the site of the Tiny House. It was one man's dream to share with his sons and wife - a place to spend weekends away from the traffic and busy Silicon Valley. It was a place to sit quietly - a sanctuary handcrafted with love.

For years the family played there during the summer and on weekends. They fished the stream, explored the woods, built tree forts, camped out under the stars, and enjoyed life together.

The decades slipped by and the man left this earth, passing on his tiny house to his sons.

The sons all had familes of their own and each returned year after year to the family's woodland retreat so their children could experience a simpler, quiet life.

Today one son continues the tradition. He and his wife maintain the land and  raise bees. The beehives are an extension of their tiny urban farm where they grow organic fruits and vegetables, collects eggs from their chickens and ducks and experiment growing a variety of herbs in the greenhouse. 

The tiny house high on the hill now lives on for another generation as new children play in the woodland trails. 

And out of the soil from the little urban farm and from the land we offer a limited supply of wildcrafted goods and natures gifts such as California Bay leaves, Lavender bundles, and wisteria seeds. We also have baskets, containers, flour sack towels and other farmhouse supplies, as well as bulk sourced kitchen herbs, and Tiny House Farm teas. We offer a small supply of honey from our hives at the end of each summer. We also scour estate sales for select vintage pieces from eras gone by. We love the idea of finding hidden treasures and giving them a new home.

We hope you enjoy the offerings and goods that come from The Tiny House Farm.

Brian and Laura