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Throwing Confetti at Weddings

Wedding Send Off - make your exit memorable...

Traditionally, showering the wedding couple with rice was a symbol of blessing. Today's couples, however, seeking an eco friendly wedding send off turn to flower confetti. Each lovely little bud, leaf, and petal holds a unique meaning. While different cultures assign various symbols to flowers and herbs, here are a few of the favorites at The Tiny House Farm:

  • The red rose says, "I love you." 
  • The pink rose symbolizes grace and friendship.
  • The yellow marigold is a sign of vibrancy.
  • Lavender offers purity and devotion.
  • Mint indicates virtue and faithfulness.
  • A sprinkling of sage affords wisdom.
  • Rosemary means I will always remember you.
  • Purple tulips are a sign of  a renewal of life and spring.
  • Hyssop is sacrifice; a beloved trait in unconditional love.
  • Chrysanthemums signify cheerfulness. 
  • Chamomile is a flower of patience (something we all need in any relationship).
  • Bay is a symbol of glory.
  • Basil offers peace.
  • Cornflowers (also known as bachelor buttons) is blessedness and hope.
  • Jasmine is the sweetness of love. 
  • Safflower indicates marriage and welcome.
  • Parsley adds in festivity and fun!

Mixing these herbs and flowers into your wedding exit allows your friends and family to shower you with the blessings of the significance that each one carries. The tradition of marriage is a union meant to last a lifetime. Each flower and herb sprinkled at your exit is like a little prayer being offered over your union and the new life you now enter as a couple who vow to cherish each other like no other.

At The Tiny House Farm, we value the bond of marriage and family. We believe it is the greatest institution on earth. There is a saying we like:

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12
The bond of two in a marriage, especially when the two share a faith in the third cord of God, makes it one of the strongest unions known to humans.
With each order of wedding toss we send out, our hopes and prayers go with it for a lifetime of blessing over your lives as you make your new home as a wedded couple.