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schatzjennifer1 on Oct 19, 2017




AbstertheDabster on Oct 10, 2017




AbstertheDabster on Oct 10, 2017

Glass jar with wooden spoon and cork top, loose tea jar,Gift jars,Honey jar, stash jars,food jars,containers,Etsy Shop and Craft supplies
Glass Jars with Spoons



AbstertheDabster on Oct 10, 2017


Campfire Tea



Juliana on Oct 9, 2017


Thank you and I look forward to growing your variety

Wisteria Seeds



saggot3 on Oct 7, 2017


Thank you!! No complaints. Delivered in no time and exactly what I ordered.

Lemon Balm Tea


Deb Alexander

Deb Alexander on Oct 3, 2017


Heart Tea Infuser



JenRN on Oct 1, 2017

Rustic Wire Basket MED | Farmhouse Decor | Gift Basket | Storage & Organization | Storage Basket Supplies from The Tiny House Farm
Gleza Alonzo

Gleza Alonzo on Sep 22, 2017


This basket stand is more amazing than what I was expecting! It is super cute in my bathroom right now. Whenever I walk in I always admire the satisfying feeling of having all of my skincare products in one nice basket. I used to have them lying around everywhere on my counter and in my drawers, but now I use them and can easily put them back on display on the basket! I cannot rave enough about this product. The shipping was super fast and product is high quality. I can really tell how much effort was put into making these! If for some reason this might break in the far far future, I will definitely be purchasing another one!

Two Tiered Wired Basket


Diana Sanchez

Diana Sanchez on Sep 20, 2017


I finally got one to sprout and now it's growing really well! Thank you so much, I'm so happy :-)

Wisteria Seeds



kathyandjart on Sep 20, 2017


Thanks for sending it right out! And for the gift

Vintage Mid Century Modern Orange Dish



tamsjunque on Sep 19, 2017


Great tea and awesome sellers!! Thank you!!

Peppermint Tea



jbst4227 on Sep 16, 2017


Two Tiered Wire Basket


Tina Webb

Tina Webb on Sep 15, 2017


Extra Long Cinnamon Sticks


Allye Ingram

Allye Ingram on Sep 14, 2017


Small Rustic Wire Basket


Becky Nystrom

Becky Nystrom on Aug 30, 2017

Cute little wooden white washed box. This is a very professional and well run shop. I had a problem which was quickly and thoroughly resolved. I would not hesitate to shop here again. The box arrived beautifully wrapped and with an extra small surprise tucked in. Great transaction!

Wood Box Whitewashed

Michelle Walby

Michelle Walby on Aug 23, 2017


Farm Buckets- Galvanized Tin Buckets


Alexa Young

Alexa Young on Aug 18, 2017

5 Small Wood Bowls - Wedding Favors, Appetizer Bowl, Serving Bowl, Ring Bowl, Condiment Dish, Wooden Bowls, Etsy Shop and Craft Suppply
Small Wooden Bowls - Chef Pinch Bowls



Brandi Freeman

Brandi Freeman on Aug 13, 2017


Extremely fast shipping. Thank you!

Bulk Dried Red Roses



lizmjohnson82 on Aug 9, 2017


Rustic Chicken Wire Hanging Basket


Court Skinner

Court Skinner on Aug 8, 2017


Now I can look just like the folks riding bikes in Midsomer Murders, a lovely British mystery series. Basket holds a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk or my lock or helmet. Easy to move from one bike to another. Clearly made with love and competence.

Bike Basket