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Pink Himalayan Salt | Gourmet Food Grade Medium Grain | Tiny House Farm Premium 1/4lb. in Bulk

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Gourmet Food Grade Pink Himalayan Salt - medium grain perfect for your salt grinder or for adding to your cooking- fresh from the sea. A culinary delight that we use every day at the Tiny House Farm. We love the clean, non-bitter flavor that ordinary table salt has. And these medium-sized crystals are rich in naturally occurring minerals making it a great choice for daily use.


1/4 lb. salt in a bag

Himalayan salt is really different from salt found anywhere else. Besides the beautiful pinkish or light reddish color, under a microscope you can see tiny crystals form perfect geometric patterns. It's really cool!

Raw natural Himalayan salt is rich in nutrients and minerals. Since many of these elements found within each grain of salt naturally occur within us and in the environment, they are easily absorbed and utilized on a cellular level.

Pink Himalayan Salt re-mineralizes the body with minerals and trace elements essential to our health and well being.

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Himalayan Pink Salt