Allspice Berries, organic

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Allspice Berries - Bulk premium whole

The Allspice berry is harvested from Jamaican bayberry, a tree found in Central America, southern Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and other Greater Antilles islands of the Caribbean.

The fruit resembles peppercorns, which explains the various common names that refer to pepper. In fact, 15th century merchants engaged in spice exploration were convinced they had found black pepper in Jamaica and introduced the spice to the New World as Jamaican pepper.

Allspice shares a common chemical compound with nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, bay, basil, lemon balm and wormwood called eugenol that is responsible for the strong aroma and warming qualities of the spice. During the War of 1812, Russian soldiers placed whole allspice berries in their boots to help prevent unpleasant odors and cold feet.

Ingredients: whole allspice berries


1/4lb. Allspice Berries in a bag

Kosher certified.

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whole allspice berries