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Peppercorn Gourmet Mix | Four Whole Pepper Mix | Tiny House Farm Premium Spices 1 lb. in Bulk

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Four Pepper Spice Mix - whole red pepper, black pepper, pink pepper & white pepper. Whole Peppercorns. Just like tea, peppercorns can come from the same plant. Our pepper is from the Piper nigrum plant and the Schinus terebinthifolius plant. The pepper plant is an evergreen, perennial vine that produces a berry-like fruit that is technically a drupe since it contains a single seed, but it is more commonly referred to as a peppercorn.

The drupes, which form up to 50 fertilized white flowers on spikes, take three to five years to first appear, and then reappear every third season thereafter. However, a pepper plant may continue to produce fruit for as long as 40 years.

Peppercorns vary in color because they are harvested and/or processed differently. Green peppercorns are picked when slightly under-ripe, red peppercorns are harvested just as they reach maturity on the vine and black peppercorns get their color as they ripen in the sun.

The pink peppercorn in this blend are from the Schinus terebinthifolius plant and part of the cashew family and can cause allergic reactions in those with nut allergies.

(The other peppercorns in this mix are of the unrelated Piper nigrum species.)


1 lb. Four Peppercorn Spice Blend in a bag

Kosher certified.

*******Allergy Alert********
Please note: Pink peppercorns can cause an allergic reaction in people with nut allergies.

Please keep in mind that we don't know your personal health history and cannot make any health claims. Always consult with your physician for health information.

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