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Pink Normandie 9" Luncheon Plate Depression Glass | Pink Normandie 8" Salad Plate Depression Glass | Rose Glow

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Pink Normandie Salad Plate.

A truly rare find. This 9" Pink Normandie luncheon plate is large enough to use as a dinner plate. Given how absolutely impossible it is to find the dinner plate in Pink Normandie, the less rare luncheon plate can be used in its stead.

About Normandie Glass (Bouquet and Lattice):

Normandie Glass is a pattern made by Federal Glass Company produced from 1933 to 1940. 

“Normandie is the official name for this beautifully wrought, mold-etched design of Federal's. It was not from an old Carnival mold as is widely believed, but was made especially for the new pink mold-etched glassware that was coming in vogue. It was first made in 1933 in 'Rose Glow' and crystal." (taken from Rosemary Trietsch JustGlass)

According to expert collectors, the pink dinnerware is much more rare and collectible than the amber Normandie. The irridescent Normandie (often mistaken for Carnival Glass) is the most common in the Normandie pattern.


1 - 9" Plate

1- 8" Palte


9" Dia.

8" Dia.


Good condition. No chips or cracks. Only small scratches on the surface when held up to light. As always, if you want more photos prior to your purchase please contact us.




Identified by glass pattern (Bouquet and Lattice) in Normandie Pink