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Flower Confetti |75-100 Guests, CUSTOM BLEND | Biodegradable Confetti, Sustainable Wedding

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Wedding Decor, biodegradable wedding flower confetti in custom colors and blends just for you. Make your wedding exit as unique as you! We will create a custom confetti mix that will harmonize with your wedding decor. 

We take your wedding flowers or bouquet, mood board, or other wedding colors and create a custom color palette like you see in the sample photos. We then create a custom botanical confetti mix that will blend nicely with your decor. We can even add in elements that have special meaning.

For example: We had a customer whose name was Heather and she asked for a mix with heather flowers. We were able to do that. Another customer wanted hops flowers because the groom was a beer maker. Some people love the special meaning behind flowers and enjoy being showered with flower blessings. We can add a special flower blend that holds hidden meanings as a prayer or blessing over your special day.


25 CUPS CUSTOM FLOWER CONFETTI in a bulk bag- for up to 75 guests (1/3 cup ea.)

This mix can be tailored to harmonize with your event colors. The photos give you an idea of some of the variations we have created.




2. After Check out, we will email a request for a photo of your mood board, wedding bouquet, or link to your Pinterest, or other public social media site showing your colors.

3. We will create a custom sample blend of biodegradable flower confetti and email a photo of it for your approval. 

4. If need be we will make any color adjustments if possible.

5. We will finalize your product and ship on the scheduled ship date.

Please note that depending on your colors, some flowers may be dyed. As with natural flowers, if they get wet, and they are pressed into fabric (such as sitting on it), they can bleed.

****This is a nonrefundable order. It is a custom order and can not be changed once order is placed.