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Garlic | Organic Garlic Powder | Gilroy Garlic | Tiny House Farm Premium Spices in Bulk 1 lb.

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 Organic Garlic Powder, no salt- Garlic, or sometimes called "the stinking rose," is actually a member of the onion family and native to central and southwestern Asia. Most people don't know it, but the leaves and flowers of the plant are also edible on this plant. The most sought-after prize, however, is the bulb found underground. When it is mature, it forms several cloves in a clump.

Our garlic is grown in the US and can be used in just about any kind of savory dish from soups to stews, sauces to vinegar, salads to pasta and more. It is one of the most versatile seasonings in the pantry and you should never be without it!



1 lb.  bag

Ingredients: dried garlic

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