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Goji Berries, 1/4 lb., Lycii Berry

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 Bulk Premium Goji Berries (Lycii Berry) - The Goji Berry is a sweet sour superfood that can easily be added to savory foods and teas. It is incorporated into popular Paleo bread and snack mixes as well due to its high nutritional values of antioxidants and phytochemicals. These premium quality goji (conjee) berries are delicious as a tea by themselves or combined with licorice root or make this Lemon Morning Tea for a great start to your healthy day!


1/4lb. goji berries in a bag

Goji Berry Tea:
1 Cup filtered water
1 large lemon juiced- remove seeds
a few small pinches of cayenne pepper
2-4 tsp. of raw organic honey
1 tea ball filled with green tea
1 1/2 TBSP Goji berries

Heat water to almost boiling. Add all ingredients and let steep for 3 minutes. Remove tea strainer. Press goji berries with a teaspoon to release juices (leave berries in).

Drink and enjoy! (eat the berries too)

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Ingredients- bulk dried premium goji berries