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Green Powder | Organic

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Smoothie | Green Superfood Powder | Organic Super Green Powder | Organic Greens Superfood Blend from the Tiny House Farm

1/4 lb (113.5 grams)

Add 1 rounded tbsp. with juice, or make a delicious smoothie.

Super Green Powder full of goodness straight from the fields and the sea.

Marine sources, grasses and more...Get your greens in one easy spoonful. Great for smoothies!

Never any-

  • artificial colors
  • sugar
  • Fillers
  • Fat
  • Caffeine
  • artificial sweeteners
  • emulsifiers or thickeners to maintain texture for mouthfeel
  • non-organic or GMO ingredients

Vegan, Paleo, 100% natural, all organic ingredients

Our Organic Green Powder is a potent blend of high value plant foods from the ocean and the fields. Seaweed, grasses, plants, and citrus are combined to give you a comprehensive green supplement full of nutrients that our bodies need for our best health and well-being.

All ingredients are certified organic and Kosher.
Ingredients: Organic barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, spinach, alfalfa leaf, kelp, orange peel, Dulse leaf, beet root, lemon peel, wheat grass juice, and dandelion leaf.

Please keep in mind that we don't know your personal health history and cannot make any health claims. Always consult with your physician for health information.

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