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Mini Wooden Bowls | 24 ct.

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Mini wooden bowls - SET of 24 . If you are planning a country or woodland wedding, these bowls can be used as part of a favor idea, on your table with condiments or single serving appetizers.

24 Bowls

They would work wonderfully with olive oils for dipping, or making a delightful ring bearer bowl or to place rings in on a bathroom or kitchen counter.

Also great for craft projects, painted, woodburning, tiny mosaics...

Wedding favors- paint or inscribe the couple's initials and wedding date

Buy a set and have them on hand for any occasion.

To make a finish, just rub with a little food-safe beeswax on the inside and outside. This will seal the wood. Also, I wash all mine by hand.

2-1/2" wide x 1-1/8" tall
Unfinished wood