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Nettle Leaf Tea Sampler | Tiny Taste of Tea Tea Samplers | Artisan Teas from the Tiny House Farm

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Tea Sampler Singles - Tiny Taste of Tea from the Tiny House Farm - Artisan premium loose leaf teas

With our new Tiny Taste of Tea you can try a delightful sample of all our bulk teas. This is a great way to discover new favorites or have a variety of all your old favorites in your pantry. Either way, tea samplers are nice to have on hand. Also great to share with friends!

Organic Nettle Leaf  Tea- Stinging nettle, as the name implies, is armed with tiny hair-like stingers that inject histamine and other inflammatory chemicals when brushed against. Strangely enough, Nettle is also a highly sought-after source of nutrition. When cooked or dried, its stingers fall off. The dried leaf is commonly used in herbal tea blends, and frequently encapsulated or tinctured, or simply made into healthy Nettle Leaf tea.

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Each Tiny Taste has enough loose leaf premium tea for 8-10 cups (6 oz. teacups)


Ingredients:organic dried nettle

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