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Orange Peel Bulk | Small Pieces Orange Peel and Zest | Tiny House Farm Premium 1/4lb. in Bulk

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Dried Orange Peel Bulk - Small pieces- The most common sweet orange belongs to the same family as the grapefruit and lime. The fragrant peel is edible and flavorful. It is often used to make tea blends and to provide fragrance to bath salts, sachets, mulled beverages, and potpourri. The peel is also used in cooking.

1/4lb. dried orange peel

Sweet orange peel has many uses including:
- bar drink mixes
- breads
- potpourris
- teas
- mulled wine and mulled cider
- candy and baked goods
- marmalades
- sachets

To make a fragrant orange tea:  Add a tsp of dried peel to 16 oz. of filtered water. Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain. Add organic honey to taste. (adjust amounts to taste).

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