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Peach Oolong Tea -  Peach oolong tea offers the scent of fresh peaches and a soft vanilla caramel...ish flavor. This oolong tea will fill your glass or cup with sweet summer goodness complemented by a woody finish. If you make ice tea and have access to a fresh peach, try adding slices to the tea when it is cold. It will make a beautiful presentation. You can garnish with a sprig of fresh basil or mint. 


1/4 lb. (113 grams)


What makes a tea "oolong?"

Oolongs are partially oxidized teas - somewhere between a green and black. It's what happens when you work with tea to achieve a specific oxidation level, and then cook the leaves to lock in the flavor and aroma at a very specific point in time.

Tea between 8 and 85 percent of oxidation are typically considered perfect for oolongs. Making oolong tea requires a level of skill and mastery that is hard to come by. In the world of teas, oolongs are perhaps one of the more complicated varieties. We kind of compare oolong teas to what Pinot Noir is to wine.

For a real treat try adding some rich fresh cream or flavored amaretto cream for a dessert tea. Pairs well with melons, fish, and chicken in a cream or white wine sauce.

Ingredients - Black tea, apricot pieces, marigold petals, and fruit flavor.
Contains Caffeine

Tea Brewing Instructions:

Start out with cold filtered water

1. Bring water to a boil in your kettle. (approx. 204 degrees)
2. When it is gently boiling, remove your kettle from the heat.
3. For hot tea, pour some hot water into your teapot and teacups and then pour the water out. Warming the cups allows the water temperature to be more consistent.
4. Add 1 tsp. tea per cup.
5. Pour in 24 oz. of hot water (6 oz. per serving).
6. Steep 3 min.
7. Strain completely and pour into another teapot or into your serving cups. For cold tea, let tea cool and serve over ice.

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