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Wooden Pineapple Decor | Vintage Mid Century Modern Tiki Bar Accessories

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Wooden Pineapple Decor | Wood Pineapple Dishes | Vintage Mid Century Modern Tiki Bar - What tiki bar would be complete without a bit of pineapple decor? In the mid century tiki parties were all the rage and now this icon of island paradise is back. This mod little wood pineapple set will make your tiki bar, your tabletop and counters, or your coffee table say "aloha." 


3 wooden pineapple dishes


Lg. 9"

Med. 7"

Sm. 5"

CONDITION: Vintage with marks in the coating. These may be able to smooth out if you try rubbing them with some beeswax or a bit of fine grit steel wool if you want that look.