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Safflower Tea | Tiny Taste of Tea Tea Samplers | Artisan Teas from the Tiny House Farm

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There have been several published studies about the health benefits of safflower. Safflower tea has been studied by research doctors for the efficacy of Safflower on heart, as a blood thinner, and for bone health (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3061265/). The results were notable.

Safflower tea has been around since ancient Biblical days and is said to be one of the oldest crops ever harvested. Safflower is often used as a substitute for saffron in cooking - hence the name bastard saffron.

Safflower tea has a pleasant herbal flavor and adds a unique taste to cooking or tea blends. It is also known as a natural dying agent. 


Each Tiny Taste has enough loose leaf premium tea for 8-10 cups (6 oz. teacups)


How to make safflower tea:

Add a teaspoon of dried safflower petals to a cup of freshly boiled water. Let steep approx. 4-5 minutes and strain.

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