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Slippery Elm Powder

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Homemade cough drops are great because you know exactly what goes into them. We like to combine slippery elm with elderberries for a potent cough drop (see recipe below)


1/4 lb. (113 grams)


How to make elderberry cough drops with slippery elm

You will need:

- 2 cups boiling water

- 1/3 cup dried organic Elderberries

- 1 tbsp vitamin C powder (optional)

- 1 tbsp slippery elm powder  for mixture and approx. 1⁄2 cup for dusting.

- 1 1/2 cups raw honey 

- Candy Thermometer

1. Simmer 1/3 cup elderberries in 2 cups water for 30 minutes and strain the berries from the  juice. Reserve the juice for step 2. Compost the berries.

2. In a heavy bottom sauce pan add 1 1/2 cups honey. Add 1 CUP of your reserved elderberry juice. Add t tbsp slippery Elm. Add 1 tbsp vitamin C powder. Bring mixture to 300 degrees on candy thermometer and cook for about 30 to 40 minutes until it reaches the hard crack stage.

3. Once it has reached the hard crack stage, remove from heat and spoon into individual silicon molds, small enough for cough drops. Let it cool and set.

4. Once cool and set, remove from the molds and dust with the reserved slipper elm powder to keep them from sticking during storage.

Elderberry is growing in popularity and is a great way to combat the cold and flu season. You can also make elderberry gummies and elderberry syrup.