Vintage Copper Mugs with Brass Handles and White Porcelain Inserts, Moscow Mules, Made by Baker, Hart and Stuart

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Set of four copper and removable porcelain mug inserts and brass handles. BAKER, HART & STUART were the makers and these mugs that were sold in Mervyns department stores through the mid to late 1980s when copper was in vogue for all fashionable homemakers.

Today copper is again very popular. These mugs would make a beautiful addition to your barware for moscow mules and hot toddies.

Extra bit-
Why serve a Moscow Mule in a copper mug?
Back in the 40s "when the Moscow Mule was first invented the copper glass was also a marketing gimmick. The original makers of this drink were sales people of both vodka and ginger beer. They decided to use the ginger beer as a mixer with the vodka and serve the drink in a copper mug to generate a bit of buzz."

Some people swear that the copper keeps it colder longer. These little copper mugs, with a ceramic insert, offer even better insulation and the use of a lot of melting ice that would water down the ginger beer is avoided.

3" X 3" across the base.
4" inches high with the ceramic liners

Good. There is one insert that has a stain like look inside but I think it is where the white glaze just wasn't as thick. See 3rd photo for insides.

In 1949, the first Mervyns store opened in northern California by Mervin G. Morris. Throughout the mid century Mervyns was a popular store for young families who wanted quality items but had tight budgets. These mugs represent one such item the store carried. The BAKER, HART & STUART line came into being in 1985. These copper mugs were a product subsequently sold in Mervyns department stores all over the US. Sadly, in December of 2008, after struggling to stay afloat, the Mervyns stores that remained closed their doors and the company filed for chapter 7.


Materials: copper,porcelain ceramic,brass