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Stevia | Organic Stevia, 1/4 lb.

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Organic Dried Stevia Leaf- Stevia leaf comes from Stevia rebaudiana, an evergreen grown in South America. It is also known as Sugar Leaf and Sweet Leaf.

The indigenous peoples of Paraguay and Brazil have used the leaf as a natural sweetener for beverages such as chimarrão (yerba mate) for generations. Stevia is often used as a natural sugar substitute in many countries and is prized for its lack of calories and carbs. Here in the US Stevia is available as a dietary herbal supplement and is advertised as an element in products like Truvia, an alternative sweetener to Aspartame, with similar benefits.

At the Tiny House Farm, we like to add this all-natural herbal leaf in its natural form to our tea blends (when we aren't using our raw organic honey). If you want to have a tea that offers herbal benefits without processed chemicals found in commercial sweeteners, adding a bit of stevia leaf to your loose tea will make it a delicious treat!

1/4lb. Stevia Leaf in a bag

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Ingredients: Stevia rebaudiana