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Tea Infuser, Stainless Steel

Tea Infuser, Stainless Steel

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Round spring loaded Tea ball tea strainer- Stainless Steel: If you are a daily tea drinker, you will enjoy the simplicity and ease of this tea strainer. Practical and just the right size for a single cup.

If you ever buy loose tea, you will know how fresh tea can really taste. Our loose premium teas work well with all our tea strainers. This teaspoon strainer is a single serving tea strainer that will allow your tea to steep freely for the perfect cup of tea.

Works with roots and botanicals too!
(tea and cork jar with spoon not included)

Hint: Never pack a tea strainer full - that only wastes tea and doesn't allow the water to flow freely around your tea. You only need about 1 tsp. of quality tea.

Add one of our premium loose leaf teas !


1 tea strainer

These work well with all our herbs and spices, as well tea for favors or addition to a gift basket.

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Loose Tea
Herbs and Spices
Flower Tea
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Materials: stainless steel