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Tiny Ceramic  House / Handmade Ceramic Fairy House for Terrarium Garden
Miniature house for fairy gardens, potted plants, and other types of decor. A one-of-a-kind (OOAK ) mini handmade ceramic clay house made in our outdoor ceramic studio for you. Each piece we make is always going to be different and unique. No two will ever be exactly the same so your piece will be original.

Each house we make measures between 1 and 2.5 inches high and 1-2 inches wide. There is a small hole in the top to make this an ornament to hang on a tree in your garden or on your miniature Christmas tree. Just string a wire or thin ribbon through the hole and hang wherever you like. Use it to adorn a gift even!

Made from ceramic clay and fired at 1500 degrees with food-safe glazes.


House for Terrarium
Decorative element for craft project
Christmas ornament
fan pull
Wedding favor
Housewarming gift
Realtor gift
Realtor thank you gift
New house gift
Light pull
Drawer pull (glue to flat draw pull)
Zipper pull
Gift decoration

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