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Vintage Brass Planter | Succulent Planter

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The perfect succulent planter offering a contrast of aged brass against the plump leaves of hens and chicks or Sedum rubrotinctum aurora. For anyone new to the succulent world, one look at the beauty and variety of these botanical wonders and you might be hooked for life. 

All you need is a bit of the right soil combination and a container to house them and you can have your own delightful little mini garden of delight. Succulents are very forgiving and tend to do well most homes out if extreme temperatures. Just some TLC and you can have your own little garden year round.

This planter is the perfect size to place on the back of a window sill or on a counter.

Condition:It is over 50 years old and well worn.

9" L x 5.5 " W x 3 " D

Solid Brass

Sticker on Bottom - solid brass (only 1/2 of the sticker remains)