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Vintage Gold Glass Serving Bowl | Vintage Pressed Glass Bowl Jeanette Glass Co. Fentec Pattern

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Vintage Pressed Glass Bowl Jeanette Glass Co. Fentec Pattern. Iridescent.
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Vintage Antique Gold iridescent Glass Serving Bowl - Pressed Glass most likely from Jeanette Glass Co. Fentec Pattern reproduction of an old pattern from the turn of the century. This mid century beautiful serving dish would be a lovely addition to any table for holiday gatherings, a backyard tea, wedding, bridal shower, or even just sitting on your dressing table holding special pieces of jewelry and momentos.

no markings

7" Wide
3" High

Great condition. No chips or cracks.

About the maker:
McKee's Pres-Cut Line consisted of 27 Patterns, all pressed by hand (not by machine) with all patterns designed from 1904-1915 except Aztec, Nortec & Toltec which were from the National Glass Molds designed earlier. In the beginning, McKee leased from National Glass.

In 1904, using their Aztec & Toltec molds, they released the first of the "Tec" lines with the patented PresCut mark. In 1905, they added National's Nortec. Any of these patterns from early National productions would not carry the PresCut mark

After the closing of the Kemple factory in 1970, Wheaton purchased a number of Kemple molds and at least one mold in every "Tec" pattern except Quintec and Valtec until 1979. The Aztec punch bowl and cups were heavily reproduced and are among the most common “Tec” items found. (description from Ebay).
Materials: iridescent glass

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