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Vintage Glassware, Yellow Glass Ribbed Bowls | Golden Glo Ribbed Federal Glass Nesting Mixing Bowls | Depression Glass

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Vintage Yellow Glass Ribbed Bowls | 1930s Set Golden Glo Ribbed Federal Glass Nesting Mixing Bowls

A beautiful set of nested ribbed and square-footed mixing bowls. Set contains two bowls.  


Good condition, appropriate for a utilitarian vintage set that is nearly 90 years old. No cracks or chips. There are small scratches especially around the rolled rim that you can see when light reflects on them.


 8.25" W x 3.75" H - 26 oz.

9.75" W x 4.5" H - 38 oz.


Federal Glass




History of Federal Glass Company:


Federal Glass Company opened its doors in 1900 with a modest offering of drinking tumblers. The soon began adding other pieces to their line including utilitarian grocery store bottles and jars. By the 1914 Federal Glass catalog produced a wide range of patterns in pressed glass in simple flint colored clear glass. Many of their patterns at this time were not exclusive to their company. "Peacock Feather", "Kansas" and "Caledonia" were among the shared patterns. Some of the other glass manufacturers using the same patterns were Kokomo Glass (which became Jenkins Glass) and Co-operative Flint Glass Company.

Items from around 1913 included: salt and pepper shakers, spice shakers, goblets, and measuring tumblers. Even though they had a mold making division, they were still producing some hand-blown and decorated tumblers.

By the 1920s the company had a full line of tableware in patterns that were typical of Depression Glass sets. The early pieces of Federal Glass are sought after by many collectors today.

The designs include:

  • "Colonial Fluted" or "Rope" (1929-33)
  • "Raindrops" or "Optic Design" (1929-33)
  • "Parrot" (1931-32)
  • "Georgian" or "Lovebirds" (1931-36)
  • "Patrician" or "Spoke" (1933-37)
  • "Normandie" or "Bouquet and Lattice" (1933-40)
  • "Mayfair" 1934 (only made for a bride period due to name trademark conflicts with Anchor Hocking)
  • "Diana" (1937-41)

The Federal Glass trademark (if marked) is an F in a shield.


1940s to 1980
.Production of tableware sets in colored glass became popular i
n the 1940s - 1950s. During these decades they produced popular colored pressed glass tableware sets. Patterns included the following:

"Heritage" pattern (1940-55)

"Star" (1950s)

"Park Avenue"was one of the longest running patterns produced from 1941 through the 1970s. Federal Glass expanded their offerings by producing heat-proof glass sets in gold decoration and the "Golden Glory" pattern (white with gold leaf sprays). Golden Glory pieces were first introduced in1959-66 and then brought back again in 1978.

By 1980 Federal Glass, after merging with a larger paper and glass company, closed its doors.


  • Exclusive Patterns by Federal Glass
    • Colonial Fluted
    • Columbia
    • Diana
    • Georgian
    • Madrid
    • Mayfair
    • Normandie
    • Optic Paneled
    • Parrot
    • Patrician
    • Raindrops
    • Rosemary
    • Sharon
    • Twisted Optic

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