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Nutmeg Pods | Whole Pod

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Whole Nutmeg Pods- Nutmeg isn't used too often but when a recipe calls for it, there really is not a good substitute. One of my favorite uses for nutmeg (something I learned from watching Rachel Ray) is to use a little nutmeg in cheese dishes. It is amazing what a boost it gives to things like mac and cheese. You will love it and your guests and family will probably not be able to guess what your secret ingredient is!

Nutmeg is native to Indonesia and cultivated in the Caribbean. This “nut” was highly sought after in the early history of spice trading, and it is what prompted a long-standing conflict between the English and Dutch in the 16th century. This culminated with control by the latter and prices driven so high that only nobility could afford to indulge in the spice.

It is commonly used grated fresh to flavor cookies, pastries, cakes, bread and muffins. May also be added to tea and coffee blends and of course, most of us know that nutmeg is the spice used in eggnog at Christmas!


8 Nutmeg Pods

Kosher certified.

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