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Whole Madagascar Vanilla Pods | Bulk Vanilla Beans 10 ct.

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Whole Madagascar Vanilla Pods / Bulk Vanilla Beans-


10 whole vanilla beans per package. Each bean 6" approx. 


Traditional bourbon vanilla extract:

4 vanilla beans- spilt lengthwise

  • 8 Glass Bottle or Jar
  • 8 Bourbon 

(we prefer Wild Turkey, Four Roses, or Buffalo Trace - all non-gmo - but you can always buy a less expensive brand).

Place vanilla beans in the bottle, cover with bourbon, cap the bottle and let sit for at least 4 weeks. The longer it sits, the stronger it gets. Once the time has passed, remove the beans and use again to make a second batch, then a third. You should be able to reuse the beans for several batches.

    About Vanilla:
    Collected in the wild by natives of southern Mexico for thousands of years prior to their domination by the Aztecs, vanilla was rare and considered a precious commodity. Each thin vanilla bean pod is about 6 inches long.

    The pods or" beans "grow on orchids in the genus Vanilla. Of the 35,000 or more species of this family, the vanilla orchid produces the only edible fruit. The main species harvested for vanillin is Vanilla planifolia.

    Papantla, Mexico is considered to be the origination point of vanilla. The wild plant is abundant in the Mexican States of Vera Cruz and Oaxaca. It is now cultivated throughout the tropics, however. Madagascar is now the world's largest producer. Additional sources include Vanilla pompona and Vanilla tahitiensis. Each contains a lower vanillin content than Vanilla planifolia.

    In addition to its culinary value, vanilla is widely used in perfumery and cosmetics because of its exotic and spicy aroma.

    Ingredients: Vanilla planifolia, whole vanilla beans

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