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Yosemite Curry Village | Collectible Mid Century Plate | El Capitan Rock Climbing Memorabilia | National Parks Collectibles Viletta Arts

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Yosemite National Park is perhaps one of the most well-loved and recognized parks in the world. It is home to Camp Curry, Glacier Peak, and of course Half Dome and El Capitan. For anyone who has childhood memories of camping under the shady pine trees listening to the sounds of campers in the distance, or the whooshing thunderous flow of water from the falls, nothing can ever take its place in our memories.

This collectable plate was made in the mid century when the famous Yosemite fire falls was still going on and you could hear campers call out across the valley, "where's Elmer?" It was a simpler time; a time when tent camping from the back of family station wagons was a common site and no electronic devices were in sight.

This plate would make a wonderful gift for someone who holds the memory of Yosemite near and dear to their hearts.


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Vintage. Good. No cracks or dings except one tiny misstep in the glaze at firing. It is on the front of the plate.


See photo for up close inscription on the back of the plate. Manufactured exclusively for Curry and Co. by Viletta Arts.